I am getting an Impact Award!

The Chicago Foundation for Women is marking their 25th anniversary by awarding 25 women and men of Chicago Impact Awards for working hard to make the area better for women and girls. OK, that's how I sum up the award. That's because that's one of my goals...To make Chicago a better place for women and girls.

There is program to honor all 25 of us in March and I can't wait to meet the other awardees:

Gaylon Alcaraz :: Tracy Baim :: Marca Bristo :: Salome Chasnoff
Fay Clayton :: Joyce Coffee :: Terry Cosgrove :: Patricia Crowley, OSB
Dr. Melissa Gilliam, MD, MPH :: Samir Goswami :: Joan M. Hall :: Anne Ladky
Sharmili Majmudar :: Soo Ji Min:: Brenda Myers-Powell :: Maria S. Pesqueira
Wendy Pollack :: Diane Primo :: Hedy M. Ratner :: Daphnee Rene
Janice Rodgers :: Sheli Z. Rosenberg :: Ruth M. Rothstein :: Jane M. Saks

The ones in bold are ones whom I have worked with before, including one of my mentors, thus I am even more honored to be sharing a moment with them.I've met a few more and admired others from afar, but some I have yet to meet. See, I don't know everyone!

I'm still overwhelmed at this award so despite having a lot to say about how I got here (not that it's a peak, just a moment to reflect), I'll just end this post with a big thanks.

Thanks for reading.

Thanks for pushing.

Thanks for listening.