Sean James and Al Joyner respond to the Tebow Super Bowl ad

Warning...Feministas, grab a tissue before you watch this amazing and beautiful video.

Welcome to my new Laughing Liberally friends. This is the video Matt & I talked about last night.

From Planned Parenthood:

Matt asked me what dudes can do to help in the fight and I said, be aware and then I talked about this video. Men, be aware of how your actions impact our lives. Of your privilege that allows you to not worry about being raped when you walk around a corner to get to your car after a fun night with friends. How you have to decide if you'll ask for a friend to talk with you, if you'll go it alone or if you will call your partner who is waiting for you and he virtually walks you to your car. How ads like the Focus on the Family one is really telling women around the country that "Why, we don't trust you to make your own decision, oh no." Just be aware.

I'll add in that you need to stand up next to us, stand up against the hate, stand with us as we try to get our voices heard even when networks try to censor us.