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Women's History Month: Batter up! Hear that call!

This weekend's Women's History Tidbits:
March 20, 1991: Supreme Court rules unanimously employers can't exclude women from jobs where exposure to toxic chemicals could potentially damage fetus.* 
March 21, 1943: Cornelia Ford, military pilot, died when another plane on the same air ferry mission clipped her plane's wing, crashing her plane.** 
March 22, 1893: Senda Berenson, the "Mother of Women's Basketball," organized and officiated at the first women's basketball game.***

I've been busy writing up a grant for work all weekend. OK, crunching numbers in Excel for the grant...but that means I was too busy with work to write here. Plus Senor Feminista & I went out for dinner & a movie with friends on Saturday.

In lieu of a real post, I bring you the one song in the world that makes me cry like a baby:

  • Batter up! Hear that call!
  • The time has come for one and all
  • To play ball.
Go to 5:38 of the video for the song! And bring me a tissue! 

    * Brainy History
    ** This Day in Women's History 
    *** Jewish Women's Archive


    Sarah said…
    I cry every time I watch that movie! Then again, I also cry in the Hallmark aisle of grocery stores, so it might just be me.

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