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Women's History Month: National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers

Today's Women's History Tidbit:
1993: Dr. David Gunn is assassinated and is the first of four women's health care providers to be murdered for providing abortions. This is why we show our appreciation today to all the men and women who help make choice possible.* 

Can you believe it's March 10th again already?

This year the National Abortion Federation is asking us to take a picture or make a video of ourselves holding up a sign of thanks. [PDF]

That's all for today's post. Just go say thanks to a provider. Send a few dollars to the National Abortion Federation or to tomorrow's providers at Medical Students for Choice. 

Edited to add something Rebecca Turner sent me:

A blessing for abortion providers
May Goodness bless all who offer professional abortion care and may they have a chance to use their talents and develop new skills and a place to satisfy their innermost desires to be of service to others.

May Goodness bless you with energy and creativity and the desire to continually improve your care for women's physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

May Goodness hold you in safety against the evil desires of any forces that wish to do harm; may you be granted wisdom and strength for overcoming whatever malevolence we face.

May Goodness bless your community as it grows in its appreciation of and commitment to your sacred work.

May Goodness provide us all a vision of hope for our future and our children’s futures.

May Goodness confirm and bless the path you have chosen. Amen.

* Source:


Lauren Carr said…
Thought provoking. Thanks for sharing.

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