Women's History Month: Traveling into women's history

Today's Women's History Tidbit:
Amy Sedaris, Lucy Lawless and Jennifer Capriati were born.*

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USA Today ran an excellent piece...called, "10 great places to honor our foremothers." It was a nice surprise as I took that short plane trip from Cleveland to Chicago.

Despite the fact that I read about the ten places on a plane, I am actually quite the road trip gal. I like having time to stare out the window, read a good book or knit another scarf. I love checking off one more state visited, even if most of the time I spend is in a family restaurant eating pancakes. The Arizona Women's Heritage Trail fits my definition of a dream vacation.

I'm lucky to have been in Jane Addams' Hull House many a time. No matter how often I go there for an event, I am still awed at the history of the place.

And the one trip I want to make out of all of them is up to Seneca Falls, to where it all started...the Women's Rights National Historical Park. That one will be a family vacation, as my daughter is named after Elizabeth Cady Stanton and the Baseball Hall of Fame is just a quick trip away. Oh and you know we'll pay homage to the women of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, even if USA Today didn't include them.

Where else would you suggest a women's history junkie take a stop? Is there a little-known tribute to a great woman from history in your neck of the woods?

* Source: Wikipedia


Kate said...

seneca falls is an adorable little town. we stayed there one night during our move from boston to chicago. i dunno if i'd recommend going out of your way just for that, but if you're heading to the area totally worth spending an afternoon downtown seeing the park, the museum, and the awesome "woman-made" store right across the street :)

Florinda said...

I've been loving your Women's History Month tidbits and will be sorry to see them end. And today I learned I share my birthday with Amy Sedaris! (I think I already knew about Lucy Lawless and Jennifer Capriati, but I'd forgotten, so thanks for the reminder :-D.)

Veronica said...

Thanks Kate. If we do that trip, it might be one where we drive all over upstate NY. Niagara Falls also calls us.

Happy Birthday Florinda!! And thanks.