Book Review: The Blue Orchard by Jackson Taylor

I can't remember the last time a tale of fiction grabbed me and wouldn't let me go. I finished The Blue Orchard by Jackson Taylor over a week ago and it still haunts me during those quiet moments of my day. What drew me in to say yes to reviewing this book was that it was a tale of a nurse in pre-Roe U.S.A. who is arrested for illegal abortions. On top of that, The Blue Orchard is a fictionalized tale of Taylor's own grandmother.

But I have to tell you that I forgot that last fact while reading. I was so consumed by the ups and far too many downs of Verna Krone, that I simply forgot that she really did walk this earth. The Blue Orchard is a painful tale of a young girl's hope to find her place in the world, only to have too many decisions made for her that ultimately result is heartbreak. I wish I could write more, but the story is far too delicate than I could ever express.

I would highly recommend this book for a book group. I will certainly be suggesting it the next time my book group needs to pick a title.Not only is the issue of abortion discussed, but also gender roles, race, class, motherhood and even a great dose of local politics. Oh, did I love the local politics angle!

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