Seven Years

I can't believe it's been seven years since we last talked. I can't believe that our girl is almost seven. The little girl that you always dreamed about, the one you nagged me to have is just as we pictured.

People tell me that you would be proud and I know it's true. Thanks for starting me on this road. Thanks for all our fights too. I know they were primers for the ones I'll have with the kid.

Seven years ago friends and others in my life who had also lost parents said that time would heal. I can honestly say that they were right. Seven years later my heart still aches, but I'm at a peace that is hard to explain. Perhaps it's that today was not a regularly scheduled day, we were a bit rushed out the door, I even forgot the beer bread that I had baked for an office potluck, but it wasn't until 11 am that I remembered what today was. At first I felt terrible for forgetting, but then I thought, ahh...I think this is where I should be. At least I hope this is where I should be.

Yes, that's me at about age three with my mom and my puppy.