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Join the Summer of Feminista

After I posted about the Census and Dept of Ed boxes that don't properly include Latinos & Latinas, I received some comments & emails about this blog. Comments from Latinas about how they felt like they were raised in a feminist way, but without knowing or learning the word feminist. Comments about struggling with feminism as a Latina. Comments about feeling shunned in women's studies courses (as someone who has two women's studies minors broke my heart). So it's been stewing...What can I do about this?

The Summer of Feminista (or so I'm calling it now, other suggestions much appreciated!) was born.

If you are a Latina and have issues with feminism, things you want to discuss about feminism or merely reflect on how your abuelita raised you in such a radically feminist way despite the fact that she never uttered the word, then I am asking you to submit a guest blog post between the June 29th and Sept 14th, in other words, the rest of the summer. While I appreciate the heavy intellectual stuff (feminism vs womanism), I'm also looking for a straight forward post about your thoughts. No need to footnote your post! Unless you want of course.

You will submit posts to me via email and I will link back to you unless you want to post anonymously. I know some of you have already said that you want to be more open than you think you can be with your name attached. I'm cool with that.

Please use this doodle page to sign up for a week. Please, please leave your email so I can contact you! Thanks!


Anonymous said…
Cool idea & opportunity. Sign me up.
Unknown said…
I have added you to my site: TinoLinks » Latino and Hispanic blogs. The best blogs. I hope that it will generate more traffic to your site and expose all of the great Latino voices out there.

All the best,

Maria Guzman said…
I like this project! I am happy to participate in this dialogue-would you be interested in joining in on a chat about global feminism that I am helping out with? The info is here:

Here's my blog, which I have been slacking on updating but should pick it back up soon :)
BritishCherry said…
I'm totally in! Here's my blog

My email is
Veronica said…
thebigtino: thanks!

maria: thanks! i can't make the chat next week. but feel free to sign up for this project using the doodle tool.

BC: Please use the doodle survey to sign up. This way I can keep everyone's schedule in one place.

thanks everyone!
sdelas said…
Sign me up, please:
Sylvia de la Sancha
Emi said…
Hi. I don't want to post but am every interested in reading the entries. Is that possible. Gracias
totoro869 said…
Sounds like a great summer project! I learned about it on democracy now through net roots nation. I would like to post. Do I have to wait till doodle is back up?
Cheers, Vanessa
Veronica said…
Vanessa -- I can't see that the Doodle is down or closed. If you want to sign up for a week go there or send me an email. I can't find your email on your blogger profile or blog. Thanks.
Not much time left. Are the slots filled?

Sandra Ramos O'Briant
vampires for the maternally inclined.
Veronica said…
Still time! And if there is interest, we could make summer last until the first frost.

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