Where to find me in the next 30 days....


What is the Goddess trying to tell me by having my professional calendar explode just as I start my PhD program? Or is it a test? One that I'm failing? We'll see. While we wait, why don't you come on out and see me in action:

September 17
20x2 "Who Knew?" 
8 pm at Martyrs' Restaurant and Pub

20 people get to interpret one question, "Who Knew?" I'm pretty nervous about this one. 

September 23

Celebrate Chicago Abortion Fund's 25th Anniversary.
Honoring Heather Booth and the Abortion Seven, of the Jane movement.
6pm until 8pm

111 N. State Street, Seventh Floor
Narcissus Room

Join us for an evening of cocktails, hors d'oeuvres and celebration of twenty five years of the important work of the Chicago Abortion Fund.

Tickets: $75 until September 15 or $100 after

I'm not speaking or anything, I just really want to see you there. :)

September 25
Facing Race
Media Plenary

Covering Race / Uncovering Racism: New Media Innovations for Revealing Realities.

While the mainstream media continues to ignore and dismiss the persistence of racism, the rapidly changing media landscape poses new challenges and opportunities for reshaping public awareness. How can we leverage the power of alternative media, social media and new media technologies to reveal not only the realities of racial inequality but also the routes to racial justice? Moderator: Latoya Peterson, Racialicious. Presenters: Kai Wright, Colorlines.com, Tracy Van Slyke, The Media Consortium, and ME!

Use my friends & family code 510 to save 50% on registration

September 28
Jeff Biggers is starting a monologue series, Talkin' Tuesdays, at the No Exit Cafe and he asked me to help launch it.We'll get started around 7:30 pm. Our theme is "Crime and Punishment: Alcatraz and Motherhood."

Upcoming Monologue Performers

October 9
Blogalicious Weekend - Miami, Florida

10:45 AM: General Session B with Kety Esquivel, Maura Hernandez, DeAnne Cuellar and Aurelia Flores

Oy...writing that all out makes me wonder how the hell I'm going to get all my work done. So if this blog gathers cobwebs, you know why!

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