Viva la Feminista at Netroots Nation 2010

This post is so way late, but better late than never!

This year was the first time I attended Netroots Nation. My absence was due to my long time feelings towards Kos himself. But enough friends convinced me that I should at least consider attending one of these years. And when Deanna Zandt invited me to be on a panel proposal and we were selected, I figured this was my chance to check it out.

And you know what? It was pretty cool.

As with any blogger conference it's awesome to meet people I've only interacted with thru a computer screen.

I spoke on a panel with Deanna.... Here is a clip from my part of the panel:

I also had the chance to chat with National Education Association VP Lily Eskelsen. We bonded over our kids. I also think she really loved chatting with someone from Chicago whose child is in the Chicago Public School system. We've been Arnie Duncan's guinea pigs longer than the rest of the country.

I was interviewed by Amy Goodman which is still WOW!

I participated in a meet & greet with Elaine Marshall, Candidate (D) for U.S. Senate. Photos from Lisa McIntire's Flickr Set.

Elaine Marshall
I'm making PunditMom think

Sarah Granger making a point

Me and Stephanie Schriock, President of EMILY's List

I really enjoyed listening to Elaine. She was such the Southern lady...Tough as nails and yet classy as hell. I really hope she wins.

The only thing that could really use some work were the caucuses. I felt like I got more out of the Latino caucus than the parents caucus. I think it was because us Latinos had immediate issues to discuss (Arizona, immigration reform) and the parents caucus got off to a slow start with a trivia contest. Damn I wish I had written this in August! I had ideas to suggest. Oh well.

Overall it was a good conference. This year I've been struggling with the fact that while the kid understands that Mommy has to travel for work, she is voicing her strong opposition to this fact of life. Thus, I've been cutting short my travels when possible. This meant that I was in Vegas for just two nights and barely two days of actual conference.

I'm not sure if I will make it to Minnesota or not, but it is close to Chicago and would make for a good family vacation spot.