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Discovering feminisms through blogs

A few weeks ago a new blog popped up in my referral logs and on my Google alert:

WS 299: Body Politics and Motherhood

It's a class at Oregon State University that has the students blogging about the feminisms they are discovering and encountering through blogs and feminist websites. Which, obviously, I think is freaking awesome.

While I know that there are some great text books on feminism and the different aspects/foci of feminists, it's hard to argue that the internet gives a great example of the diversity of thought within feminism. There are the academic labels - liberal feminism - but then there are the living and breathing labels that blogging feminists use on a daily basis.

I also love this blog because it gave me an insight into how a couple of college students think of Viva la Feminista:
I am actually pretty stoked on her reviews section where she suggests books for her readers. I hardly have time to read, but I'm always on the look out for new stuff that might be worth-while, especially about parenting (which she also has some suggested reads on). She is highly supportive of women's reproductive rights, and even asks that "in In lieu of cake, please donate to: Chicago Abortion Fund" for her birthday post. [link]
First of all, I love the name of this blog! 

After reading many reviews that she has done in the past I realized that Veronica is the type of person that we need more of in society. She is not afraid to state what she believes, speak the truth, and fight.

I love reading blogs, in fact I have a list of about five that I read everyday. I intend to add Viva La Feminista to my list. I can't wait to keep up with Veronica's busy life and see what her next post has to offer.[link]

And I'm not afraid to admit that since this class blog came into my life, I have revisited them just to read those words. Hey, I'm human and there have been some days where I think, "What am I doing?" I just go read those words and think, "Oh, yeah...That's what I'm doing!" Thanks to their professor for thinking of this idea! Thanks to the students who are discovering my kind of feminism. I hope I live up to your expectations! And if I don't, you'll let me know.

Others should check out the blog, even just to get a real glimpse into what college students think of feminism and feminism online. Especially students just discovering what feminism means to them. And remember, they are in class, let their blog be a safe space, so be nice.


Jack Slowriver said…
I totally agree that "Veronica is the type of person that we need more of in society."
Shannon Drury said…
Hey, the kids are all right!
Lotus said…
It's not the only women's studies class that covers the spread of feminism through blogging. WS 320: Gender and Technology is a class I recently completed. It opened up my eyes to the myriad of ways in which technology is helping to spread information about gender issues.

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