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05 May 2011

Legislative Update

Earlier this month, I asked my Illinois readers to contact their state representatives and ask them to support a bill to unshackle women who were in active labor. A partial victory today because the bill passed!

Sadly the bill passed in an amended state, which limits the unshackling to just Cook County.

I'm hoping to get an interview with Gail Smith, executive director of Chicago Legal Aid for Incarcerated Women, to discuss what this victory means, what percentage of women this will cover and what's next.

CLAIM blogged a bit about the politics that went into getting the bill as far as it has come. Next up the Senate!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're working at this - chipping away or perhaps making real headway. Here in Ohio, we're facing a "Heartbeat Bill" that would make all abortion illegal from the 5th or 6th week onward.

Here's wishingy ou success!!


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