Viva la Feminista's Mother's Day Gift Guide

Yes indeed my friends, Mother's Day is almost upon us. I dunno about you, but my inbox is full of gift ideas that pique zero of my interest and my mother would had killed me if I had ever considered them for her. Times are tough for everyone, gas is pretty much $5 a gallon here in Chicago and well, does your mom (or the mother of your children) really need another coffee mug? Instead, I present to you a list of other things to give the mom in your life on Sunday:

* In a moment of self-promotion, there is the new Viva la Feminista Zazzle store! We even have a few things for the mom-to-be.

* Yoga: If she's anything like me, she doesn't schedule enough time for herself. Treat her to a session of yoga at your local studio. The one I adore is Sweet Pea's Studio. They even have a call for us women (mamas & non-mamas) who do too much. It's like they craft classes just for me!

* I know, I know, the mom in your life isn't a sports fan. Hear me now, believe me later. WNBA games are girls night out excuses. As long as she's up for nachos and beer (not sure what non-Chicago stadiums offer) and hanging with her BFFs, this will be fun. I've taken my fair share of non-sporty lady friends to games and seen them have fun. Just focus on the girl power of the moment. Ditto for roller derby.

* Does the mom in your life rock the air guitar and asks herself  "What Would Joan Jett Do?" Then get her hooked up with a weekend at Ladies Rock Camp. Oh's like Girls Rock Camp, but for the ladies.

* You can also support moms in your community or around the globe with donations to her favorite mom-friendly charity. Ideas include: Chicago Foundation for Women and CARE. I'm sure there are plenty of places to support in your community! 

* For wise Latina moms, if you donate $75 to NHLI, you receive a NHLI t-shirt "This is what a wise Latinas looks like". Psst...there's a #wiselatinas daily shirt in the Viva la Feminista Zazzle store.

* If the mom in your life a pop culture junkie? Then get her a subscription to Bitch! There's also make/shift, Ms. and the classic, HipMama, to choose from.

* Mama = bookworm? A gift card to Powells or an indie bookstore. (don't fret, no affiliate links there)

* If the mom in your life really does want a new purse, jewelry or super cute hair accessory, try etsy first. Lots of awesome handmade stuff there from real people, not faceless corporations.

* And this is turning out to be quite an annual event. The folks at MomsRising have done it again with a customizable video celebrating kick ass moms. Yes, it's cheesy, but hey, moms like cheese!

Lastly, please do not underestimate the power of giving the mom in your life a day off. Announce one day that "It's your mom vacation day!" Grab the kids and head out the door. Or grab her purse and keys and kick her out. Let her decide. When I asked my friends on Twitter what they would like the most popular answer was exactly this, even if it was a rain check! Despite what the jewelry ads will try to tell you, most likely the mom in your life does not need another diamond or sparkly necklace. What she needs is a nap. Oras one friend said, "Scotch. Expensive scotch." Good luck!

Please leave other ideas in the comments!