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Announcing Summer of Feminista 2011 -- Sign up today!

It's back! Summer of Feminista 2011 is here!

Last year I asked Latinas to share their thoughts about feminism on this blog. I was overwhelmed by the response I received by a simple request. I've been pondering a theme for this year's summer and thanks to Ileana for providing a great theme and listening as I fleshed it out over email. So what is it?

THEME:: Latinas as Public Intellectuals

WHY:: There are not enough Latinas embracing the role of the public intellectual. There is also not a stand out Latina public intellectual akin to a Gloria Steinem or those on the top 100 public intellectuals list. So my dear Feministas...I ask you to respond to the following prompts:

In the spirit of the Op-Ed Project, start your blog entry out with
My name is _____ and I am an expert in ______ because ________. 
Don't be scared by the word expert. You might be an expert on foreign relations (I'm not) or an expert on starting book clubs. Every topic has an expert and just about every person I know is an expert on some topic. Your expertise does NOT have to be reflected in your thoughts about Latinas as public intellectuals. Be an expert on window box gardens, but then tell us your thoughts about Latinas.
Then choose one or more of the following:
  • Is there a Latina public intellectual?
  • Should there be a stand out Latina public intellectual? Or do we need a group of Latina public intellectuals? Or none at all?
  • Do you know a Latina who could be or should be recognized as a public intellectual? 
  • How are you embracing/could you embrace the role of public intellectual?
The theme really came together on Saturday while I was in the Op-Ed Project training (for the 3rd time*). Most of the training is not about writing, but about finding or focusing your voice on a topic, establishing your expertise (first with yourself and then to others, thus the first prompt) and then exercises in how to write an op-ed. With all the talk about how few women voices there are on op-ed pages, obviously Latina voices are even scarcer. And that's when Ileana's suggestion crystallized for me.

So sign up to respond to the prompts and join Summer of Feminist 2011.

The How:: 

1) Sign up for a week
2) The Monday of that week, email me your post and I'll post it sometime that week here.
3) If you want, you can repost on your blog, but it's not a requirement.
4) In fact, if you feel that you need to be anonymous, that's ok. Just as long as I know who you are.
5) Yes, I am asking for Latinas who identify as feminists, Chicana feminists, womanists, etc, to respond. No married white dudes, ok?
6) As for who is a public intellectual...I shall leave that up to YOU. Feel free to define it in your post or not, but it's up to you.

That's it! Oh, then come back once summer begins to read what Latinas have to say about being public intellectuals.

For those interested in the Op-Ed Project training, I can pass on a $50 credit to anyone I refer. Just send me an email asking for the code. Not sure if I can post it here. They also offer a set number of "pay in words" scholarships for those in need. The next public seminars are on June 21st-22nd in NYC, July 17th in SF, July 23rd in DC, August 28 in LA, September 17 in NYC, October 1 in Chicago.

* 1st time was a pre-OEP workshop and 2nd time was during Progressive Women's Voices


So cool to see the OpEd Project prompt! I just did my first OEP three weeks ago, and it was wonderful wonderful wonderful.

And today I sent my first op-ed to a mentor-editor! Very excited--can't wait to learn more.

Will be watching your Summer of Feminista 2011 eagerly.
Anonymous said…

I'm interested in participating, but a little unclear, do you want names of Latinas currently alive and active? Does intellectual extend to those in the arts, activists, etc.?
Veronica said…
Jenny -- You can name Latinas who are currently public intellectuals if you want. And the definition is up to you. Personally, yes, artists & activists fall under my definition.


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