Lisa Madigan, I really do take that much decongestant

This post could also be entitled: Why I hate meth & its users!

Six months ago, I was a happy (as much as one can be) seasonal allergy sufferer. I had my prescription for a certain name brand for so many years, it is like a security blanket for me. Seriously, when I forget to get a refill or renew the prescription, I panic because I know how messed up my head is going to get with all the snot, sneezing, itchy eyes and more snot. DRUG-D was my BFF. So when the company decided to put my second favorite pill (Sorry, Drug-D, but my birth control is #1 DBFF) on OTC, it turned me into a drug hunting mad woman.

First...Because the D means it has a decongestant and that decongestant is pseudoephedrine. Yup, the stuff that meth is made from. So there's a strict Illinois law about how much of that stuff you can buy AND you have to show ID if you don't have a prescription for it. That means I get to see my pharmacist team more often because the pills come in packs of 5 or 10.

Second...Now that climate change has gifted everyone seasonal allergies, there's a run on my drug! It's mine peoples! Go use the other stuff! Meaning that I have actually tried to locate my Drug-D in 2-3 different pharmacies in a 24 hour period.

Third....Because the packs for Drug-D are in 10s and I take it every single day of my life, means I'm at the pharmacy 3 times a month. Lovely, huh? But wait...

Fourth...This three packs of Drug-D in a month, which has been my usual pill taking for many years, puts me OVER the legal limit. So yeah, I went to my pharmacy and the pharmacist DENIED me.

Yeah, kinda embarrassing to be told the Attorney General blocked me. 

But looking at her website [pdf], I'm thinking that because I have a prescription on file, he should have handed me my pills. I'll have to print this out and have a conversation with them soon.Until then, I have a bottle of Drug without the D. If I can't get my hands on a continual supply, maybe I'll go every other day and hope for the best.

And to whomever decided to turn my preferred allergy medicine into meth - FUCK YOU!