Review: Broken Mirror Baby by Alejandra O'Leary

Do you remember the TV show, Rags to Riches [video]? Well that spurred an obsession with 1950s-60s music that held me in its grasp for a few years. I especially loved the girl groups and their super cute matching outfits. But it was their pop hooks that reeled me in. I never got fully into riot grrrl, as I was more of a hip hop gal. I also steered towards radio friendly grunge pop like The Sundays.

Which is why it shouldn't be a surprise that I really enjoyed Broken Mirror Baby by Alejandra O'Leary.

When I popped it into the CD player on the way to work, my husband said, "If only Q101 were still around."

At least the Q101 from my high school and college days, where they played grunge pop.

O'Leary's music is fun, especially @ the club, the opening track. It's not too safe, but it's hella fun. And fun music is exactly is called for during the blah days of fall/winter in Chicago. The music will make you think you found a lost CD from the 90s and you'll think, "THAT'S where it went!" And in the best way possible.

That is why I hope you will click on over & grab a copy of her CD or download the album to your digital music player.

So to sum up.... Broken Mirror Baby by Alejandra O'Leary reminded me of 1950s-60s girl bands with the edge of the 1990s. Poppy, fun and a new addition to your "I need cheering up" playlist.