Book Review: Math Dictionary for Kids

When one starts to plan out parenthood, you take into consideration where you are in your career, money, and how many kids you might want in your family. The one thing I clearly did not consider was the massive amount of homework today's kids bring home in their backpacks.

And while I am a science nrrd and math was my best and favorite subject, I truly love the copy of Math Dictionary for Kids I received over the summer.

The hardest part of helping the kid with her homework, especially math, are definitions. Do you remember what an acute triangle is? Identity property? Can you explain it to a 8-year-old? And that's the hard part, remembering the exact definition and then explaining it so that your child doesn't fail that part of the exam. It's one thing to think you know the answer, it's another when your daughter comes home with a -1 on a test and you know you taught her the wrong thing. We've done that with a few spelling words! Which is why I now look up words I swear I know how to spell.

While you can try to do a web search for math terminology, there's something empowering about having your 8-year-old look up a definition or technique for herself.

The only issue I have with the book is that it is grouped by concept (algebra, geometry, etc) versus a pure alphabetic listing. There are occasions when it makes sense, but for the most part, it's pretty confusing.

Despite the flaw in organization, it is still well used in our household. You can get your family a copy at Powells or IndieBound.

Disclaimer: A publicist offered me a copy for review. 

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