Donors Choose: Support Bilingual students, Pregnant Teens and a very cool art project

Can you believe it's almost gift giving time? Whether you are giving for Christmas or Hanukkah, Donors Choose has plenty of projects to select from. Seriously, why give a crappy $20 gift when you can donate in a loved one's name to a school that can put that $20 into action?

I had intended to flip through Donors Choose and offer a long list of projects for easy donating. But I decided to go with three schools in particular:

1) The Learning Garden at Meadowdale Elementary
This school was just up the street from the house I grew up in. I didn't attend this school, but I spent a lot of time at their playground. One of the outside walls is tall and flat without windows (at least when I was a kid, I haven't visited in years) and is on the parking lot. So this is where a young Roni use to pretend she was a tennis pro, spending hours hitting the three tennis balls she owned into a wall. It also had an awesome hill that was perfect for sledding.

2) Pregnant Teenagers and Young Mothers Need to Stay in Shape at Simpson Academy
This is the only school for pregnant teens in the Chicago Public School system. Their About Us page shows you what services their offer their students. The ask is so simple! Exercise equipment so expectant mothers can stay in shape during their pregnancy.

3) Wire You Buggin' at Steinmetz Academic Center
This one I selected because it just looked very cool. And cool projects shouldn't be left to only schools who can afford it or top academic schools. Who knows, maybe it takes cool art projects to connect with some kids? Either way, I like it.

Feel free to find a project that needs support that fits your own vision. I'm sure there's one to find.


Disclaimer: The links above are affiliate links, but any money generated goes right back into Donors Choose projects. Nothing that you donate is involved in the affiliate program.

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