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International Women's Day: Raising Empowered Daughters

This year’s theme is “ Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures ” and one of the prompts is: How can we, as a culture and as members of the global community, involve, educate, and inspire girls in a positive way? This is easy. Listen to girls. Make space for their voices. Educate them. Of course in reality, it's not that easy. Too often we witness the powers that be conspire to silence girls. It is this silence that Rachel Simmons outlines in her must-read book, Odd Girl Out . When we tell or show girls that their voices are not valued, they silence their feelings, thoughts and yes, actual voices. They turn inward and all the fury they should be screaming about is pushed deep into their soul. And it hurts them. While a part of the Nobel Women's Initiative's delegation , I lost count of how many women, young and old, happened to mention in their testimonies that at some point in their lives a parent told them that women weren't worth much. That it was no use for th