Game Review: PopCaps

I know summer is coming up and we want our kids to be outside playing. But chances are that there will be rainy days and nothings worse than a bored kid on summer vacation on a rainy day. I present to you four pretty fun options for the kids (and you!) from PopCap Games in order of addiction:

1. Peggle

It's part pinball and part Plinko from The Price is Right. You launch a ball into a maze of pegs. Each time you hit one, they disappear. The goal for the standard game is to hit all the orange pegs. The harder this game gets, the more addicting it is. Once you conquer the standard game, you can hit the challenge levels where you move up to hitting certain point totals, clearing the board or, toughest of all, beating the computer. Winner: 2011 National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval

2. Bookworm Adventures

My eight-almost-nine-year-old loves this game. It's a cross between Boggle and well, a Harry Potter challenge. You have to spell words using letters that are connected to each other. But watch out for fire words! A great way to help kids learn to think quick and spell.

Winner: 2011 National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval

3. Bejeweled 3

A classic addicting game! Perhaps because it is a classic it's not as addicting for me. Plus OMG, Peggle! But it's still a great game to play when you need to forget about everything else. It's also an excellent game for our grandparents who need to keep their brains active.

4. Plants vs. Zombies

I'm totally on the zombie wagon. I love Walking Dead. LOVE IT! But I didn't love this game. It was fun, but it doesn't call to me. But maybe it will to you because you're thinking, "Peggle? Really. BORING!" You get to make your own zombie avatar!

Disclaimer: This review is super late! But most of all, I was provided codes for a free download of each of these games.