CFP: Indigenous Mothering

Demeter Press is seeking submissions for an edited collection entitled
Indigenous Mothering, Family and
Community: International Perspectives
Editors: Dr. D. Memee Lavell-Harvard and Dr. Kim Anderson
The voices of Indigenous women worldwide have long been silenced by colonial oppression and institutions of patriarchal dominance. Recent generations of powerful Indigenous women have begun speaking out so that their positions of respect within their families and communities might be reclaimed. As part of this process of reinvigorating our spirits we are compiling a volume exploring the issues surrounding and impacting Indigenous mothering, family and community in a variety of contexts internationally. We welcome submissions from Indigenous mothers, scholars, students, activists, workers, artists, and any others interested in the experiences and knowledges of Indigenous mothering, families and communities in either historical or contemporary societies.

Topics can include (but are not limited to):
Explorations of the personal experience of becoming an Indigenous mother (including Grandmothers, Other mothers, LGBTQ or Two-spirited mothers, bi-racial or mixed race mothers, adoptive mothers, etc.); Indigenous mothering and the law-the impacts of legislation and the justice system on the experience of Indigenous mothers and families; conversations on varying aspects of identity, ethnicity, and race as they inform the experience of Indigenous mothers and families; the reconceptualization and/or performance of gender roles as they relate to traditional or contemporary Indigenous mothering practices and experiences; Indigenous mothering and the land, activism, politics, academics, religion or spirituality, mentoring, community mobilization, marginalization, poverty, crime and incarceration, teen mothering, addictions and rehabilitation, sex work; traditional mothering and parenting practices.

We welcome perspectives from Indigenous peoples worldwide. Cross-cultural, historical and comparative work is encouraged.
 Submission Guidelines:

Abstracts: 300 words.
Please include a 50-word biography (if Indigenous, include nation/affiliation)
Deadline for Abstracts is January 7, 2013
Please send submissions and inquiries directly to: Dr. Dawn Harvard
or Dr. Kim Anderson, 

Disclosure: I am getting a complementary membership to MIRCI and subscription to the journal in return for posting these updates. It is, however, something I would have agreed to do for free because I think their work is so wonderful.

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