Review: Karoo

The one thing I really miss from when the kid was in daycare is reading the teacher's notes about what she did that day. Teachers don't do things like that, nor should they. But I miss learning what milestones she reached, who she played with and all the cute stuff. I don't kid myself that they may have not noted some milestones like her first steps. What are the chances her first steps were taken at home, on a weekend and in front of the camera? But I appreciated the daycare's consideration of our feelings. has launched an app, Karoo, that zips you right to the daily report, while you are still at work.

I know, I know, like we need one more thing to check during our day. For some of us, it may only exasperate our longing for being at home with our kids. For some of us, it may give us just that peek in our kids that we need to get through the rest of the day. Who wouldn't like to know that lil Alex just started on a craft project giving us 15 more minutes in the office?

I got to play around with it and it works pretty well. Right now it's just for Apple products, so I played with it on an iTouch, I also used it's web platform. And I like it. I like it more for being a great app to jot down milestones. "Scored 2 goals today," "Moved up in gymnastics class," "Finished Harry Potter," things like that. It would also be a great way to share kid updates with family members who you either don't want friending you on Facebook or reading your blog. We don't all aspire to have Grandma reading this, nor do they want to wade through all the updates just to get to the kid stuff. And it's all super private as you invite people and approve them. No public feed to worry about!

I assume this might be a hit for parents who have nannies as I know that it would be almost impossible for a daycare to use Karoo. But I do think it would be a great way to get updates to family. Not to mention using for the babysitter, but hey, it's only a few hours. Relax!

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