Vote for me!! Time for the Women's Media Center Social Media Award

I am super honored to be nominated for this year's Women's Media Center Social Media Award.

As most of you know, I am thick in the middle of working on a PhD. This has greatly reduced my ability to blog & engage in social media, so when I do, I try to make it count. This nomination means so much. It's nice to see that others see the effort I put into my work I do here and on social media sites to spread the word about women's rights.

So here's the deal. I hate begging for votes, but this is a popularity contest. But I don't have the time to do a full out push, so I am going to beg for not just your vote, but for you to ask your friends to vote for me too. Especially as I am up against some amazing feministas who truly are social media mavens. Let's get this ball rolling!

Voting will be open until October 29.

I may not have a media empire, but what I do kick ass at, in my humble opinion. The work I cite for the WMC ballot page includes:
  • My first post from the Nobel Women's Initiative Delegation: There were many reasons why I was invited to join the delegation, but having some mad social media skills certainly helped them select me. I spent 11 days in Mexico & Central America and every wifi signal I could snag allowed me to amplify women's stories of resilience. I am humbled that they shared their stories with us and even more so that I have been able to retell them in person and via social media.
  • My support women's sports Facebook page: What started out as a bit of a personal dare has grown into great community of women's sports fans who love to discuss the field. This community has piqued a lot of interest on outlets such as the Matt Filipowicz Show and On the Issues magazine.
  • Summer of Feminista 2010-2012: What can I say about my baby? In 2010, I asked Latinas to write about their relationship with feminism and whoa did we get some amazing posts. In 2011, I asked about Latinas as public intellectuals. This year I asked Latinas to write about the upcoming elections. That was difficult for some, but I still received some fabulous and inspiring posts. And this year's edition almost didn't happen due to my hectic schedule, but I got far too many requests for me to put it to bed.
  • I did the initial training for the My Voice, My Choice, My Blog team: I have never been more proud of setting up a blog, teaching a handful of women how to post to it and then walking away. This blog belongs to the women of the leadership group and that group is made up of women who have used CAF's services. They are pissed off at a system that says women have a choice, but only if they can afford it. They take to the streets, cable access/YouTube and the blogs/social media to do reproductive justice education and voice their opinions. Their media empire is growing and you should check them out.
Whew! And that's not even all the amazing work I have done over the 12 years I have been blogging, four years on Twitter (which I didn't get at first, does anyone?) and seven years on Facebook (old school!). Do I deserve an award for all of this? Hell yeah! But so do all the other feministas I'm up against. But you're still voting for me, right? Pleeeeease?

Thank you in advance to everyone who will vote and especially to those of you who help spread the word.

And for my fellow Chicagoans, one vote per person, so get your grandmama to vote for me! 

Vote. Vote. Vote.