CFP: Mothers and Work; Mothering as Work: Policy, Ideology, Experience, and Representation

Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement (MIRCI) 
Mothers and Work; Mothering as Work:
Policy, Ideology, Experience, and Representation
June 24-27,2013,Toronto,Canada

The conference, taking place at the same time as the Academic Motherhood and the Communicating Mothers Conference will explore the topic of mothers and work and mothering as work across a wide range of perspectives and themes.

Topics include but are not limited to:
Work/Life Balance; "The Mommy Wars"; "Opting Out"; Maternal Activism; Motherhood Movements; Mothers and Leisure; Representations of Working Mothers and Mothering as Work in Literature, Film, Art, and Social Media; Mothers and Education; Other Mothering/Co-Mothering; Mothering and Migration; Migrant Mothers; Transnational Mothering/Mothers; Carework; Motherwork and Feminism; Maternal Thinking; Maternal Practice; Breastfeeding/Pregnancy and the Workplace; Reproductive Labour; Social Reproduction; Families; Fathering; Becoming a Mother; Mothers in Various Workplaces (Law, Academe, Theatre, The Arts, Medicine, Government etc); Narratives of Mothers at Work/Mothering as Work, Motherhood Studies and Maternal Theory on Work and Mothering; Young Mothers and Work; Empowered Mothering, Feminist Theory/Activism on Mothers/Work; Matricentric Feminism; Marginalized Mothers/Marginalized Work; Domestic Labour; Childcare; Mothers and Unions; Public Policy and Mothers; Maternity Leave, Politics and/of Mother Work; At-Home Mothers; Mothers and the Labour Movement; Histories of Mothers and Work/Mothering as Work'; Mothers and Daughters/Mothers and Sons; Mothering and Neo-Liberalism; LGBTQ Mothers and Work/Mothering as Work; Maternal Health and Wellbeing; Mothers and Poverty; Motherhood and Globalization; Disabled Mothers and Work/The Work of Mothering a Disabled Child; and Mothers and Work and the Law.

We invite submissions for papers as well as workshops from scholars, researchers, students, service providers and activists.

If you are interested in being considered as a presenter for either a paper
and/or workshop, please send a 250 word abstract, a 50-word bio by March 1, 2013 to


Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement (MIRCI)
140 Holland St. West, PO Box 13022, Bradford, ON, L3Z 2Y5

Disclosure: I am getting a complementary membership to MIRCI and subscription to the journal in return for posting these updates. It is, however, something I would have agreed to do for free because I think their work is so wonderful.

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