New Year's Resolutions

I'm not very good about New Year's resolutions. In fact I suck. I normally set goals...things I can work on. Yes, I know, same thing, right? But wording is super important to me.

Other than continuing my goal to treat myself once a month to either a haircut, manicure or massage (which I've been pretty good at getting a manicure on a regular basis), my goal for 2013 is to blog more and Facebook less. Specifically to stop using Facebook as lazy blogging. Fewer super long FB updates from me, more short blog posts. So if you feel like this blog has exploded with posts, this is why.

I'm not setting a huge goal to write an essay every day, but I know there are news items that I share on FB that can just as easily be posted here. I don't know if that means you'll see 5 super short blog posts or one blog salad post a day. We shall see. The idea is to use this space more often and not feel bad if a post is 2 lines long with a link to a story.

One other commitment I have is to "Do it with Bitch." Goals are better met with friends, right? And OMG, I totally set my goal before I saw their goal, but it's pretty much the same. Be better online. "Take charge online." And if you take their pledge, you enter to win a year of Bitch. Come on, do it! And don't forget to check back here more often.

Disclaimer: I am on the Bitch Advisory Board