Shine Makes Me Whine: The First Lady

Welcome to a new feature for Viva la Feminista: Shine Makes Me Whine. Yes, I'm talking about Yahoo! Shine, the lady part of their news content. For the record, I do like to know what celebs are wearing on their wedding day and recipes. But too much of Shine's content is just over the top DUMB! So when I run across a dumb headline, I'll post it here, of course with a snarky remark.

--- OMG! The First Lady actually wore the same dress TWICE and on the same trip! THE HORRRRRROR! And it's from Target!! She's just like us! Wait, am I supposed to be shocked she wore the same dress twice or shocked that she likes to shop Target?

Shine Makes Me Whine is a VLF feature that points out the dumbest Yahoo! Shine headlines.If you have one you want to share, drop me a line!