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EVENT: The Op-Ed Project in Chicago - April 6th

One of the questions I get asked most frequently from students or aspiring writers (which I still consider myself) is what was my plan. The only plan I've ever had after undergrad was to work on feminist issues and find a way to get my voice heard. Yes, once back in the early days of the internet, when newspapers still flourished (or appeared to be) I dreamed of having a newspaper column. Nowadays I have this blog, a few others where I am welcomed, but also op-eds. Op-ed writing is a science and an art. Which of course means someone needs to teach you the tricks. Lucky for us Chicagoans, The Op-Ed Project has settled in Chicago for long term. The next training session is coming up and if your dream is to have someone hear your voice, then you must go. I plan on stopping by the end of the seminar and sticking around for the cocktail hour (For me that means a beer & snacks).  I hope to see you there! DETAILS DATE:: April 6, 2013 (Saturday) TIME:: Seminar: 10 AM – 5 PM

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today is not only a day for chocolates & flowers, but a day for radical acts as we work towards a day free of violence against women & girls. Fifteen years ago Eve Ensler declared Valentine's Day, V-DAY . To celebrate 15 years, she's throwing a global dance party! 1 Billion Rising. Chicago is in on the act too. And friend of VLF, Alejandra O'Leary has a special Valentine's Day tune for us to dance to How ever you celebrate today, I hope you are surrounded by love!

Dear GOP: Latinas vote too

Dear Senators Rubio & Cruz, I hear rumors that the Republican Party, which you are members of, are looking for ways to increase their support among Latinos. While your party holds very little in common with my ethics and morals, I do want to lend you two a bit of advice. I also hear that you are opposing the Violence Against Women Act . tsk..tsk..*shakingmyhead* Hombres... You can support comprehensive immigration reform all you want and pray that it means Latinos will go red, but it won't happen when you continue to obstruct measures that help Latinas. Do I really need to remind you that Romney lost the Latina vote 23-76 ? So get on board with the Violence Against Women Act. I know it would be futile to ask you to get on board with supporting public education and reproductive justice issues , but come on, chicos, we're talking voting in favor of helping to reduce violence against women! To help you out, here are some facts about Latinas & VAWA from Lati

CFP: Mothers Under Fire: Mothering in Conflict Areas

CALL FOR PAPERS   Demeter Press is seeking submissions for an edited collection entitled   Mothers Under Fire: Mothering in Conflict Areas   Editors: Dr. Tatjana Tak!eva and Dr. Arlene Sgoutas   DEADLINE FOR ABSTRACTS: July 31, 2013 With the increase of conflict areas worldwide, this collection will look at the experiences of women mothering in conflict areas. Recent examples from the Middle East, The Balkans, Sudan, Somalia, the Congo, Peru and other places around the globe affected by military and civil-ethnic conflict have shown that violence is often gendered and has a unique impact on women and mothers. The aim of this collection is to engage with the nature and meaning of motherhood and mothering during times of war and/or in zones experiencing the threat of war. Topics can also include (but are not limited to): Mothering in occupied lands, refugee camps, disaster zones, military conflict; mothers and sexual violence; children born of war time rape