Summer of Feminista 2013: Call for Participation! #Mentoring

The fourth annual Summer of Feminista is ready for your participation!

Over the last three summers we have explored the issue of feminism, public intellectuals and lastly electoral politics. This year we are tackling the subject of mentoring!

How do we do it? During the summer, VLF is open to guest blog posts from YOU! Don't worry, you retain all ownership of your words. You can even cross-post from your blog. 

Theme: Mentoring

Mentoring has been a hot topic this year, due in large part to Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In, and the controversy over her stance on mentoring versus sponsorship. Lean In is on my summer reading list, but if you have read it, feel free to use it as a jumping off point.

And you can define mentoring any way you want. It can be a formal mentoring program you participated in at work or school. It could be that wise Latina in your life who is always ready with great advice. Or are you that wise Latina eager to help the next generation avoid your pitfalls? 

Prompts to get your mind racing:
  • Who has been your most helpful mentor?
  • Why is mentoring important for Latinas?
  • Do you think Latinas need Latina mentors?
  • Do you think women need women mentors?
  • What has been your most rewarding mentoring experience? 
Please also include at least one tip for mentors or proteges as to how to make a mentoring relationship better.

Please use this submission form to sign up for this year's Summer of Feminista!