Staples has a new teacher benefit program

Today is the first day of classes for Chicago Public Schools!

The joy of this day is a shared joy. Ella could not wait to get back to her friends. Reminder, here in Chicago, we've practically abandoned neighborhood schools, so her BFFs are scattered across the city and not around the corner like when I was a kid. Anywho...

I went to an event for Staples the day before Blogher and learned about their new reward program for teachers & classrooms. I shop at Staples a lot, so promoting this reward program wasn't a big deal for me.

As I said, Staples is my choice for my office supply habit. Because of that, I have a Staples Rewards card. It's free to get.

Now all I need is for Ella's teacher to have her own Rewards Card and after I link mine to hers, she gets rewards from what I buy!

Here’s what teachers get when parents shop:
  • 2% back in rewards on everything, excluding postage, phone/gift cards and savings passes
  • 5% back in rewards on every Copy & Print purchase
Teachers can earn up to $50 from as many as 40 parents each year. That’s as much as $2,000 back in rewards every year.

While we are done with our back to school shopping, I know there will be more items we will need to buy for school. Especially given the budget cuts that just keep on coming! Good luck!

Disclaimer: While I did not get paid to promote this, I did win a pair of ear buds at the Staples event and got a swag bag of back to school items. I did decline their free lunch.

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