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Me 270/366You know someone did something bad when Twitter blows up, especially feminist twitter. Today's culprit was repeat offender, Jezebel. Today they posted a story entitled, "Selfies Aren't Empowering, They're a Cry for Help." (don't worry, it's a donotlink)

I'm not about to try to write a praise or 'in defense' post of the selfie. Although if you follow me on Flickr or Instagram you know I'm a fan. I even did the 365 project for 2008 (where the selfie at the left if from). I think they are fun and I especially love to use them for photos with friends or to show you that "I AM HERE!" While the Jez piece is lengthy and there's plenty to munch on there, I found this grey-area exception to be the pinnacle of silly:
grey-area exception: selfies where a person's face is not the point of the picture. Some women I follow on Instagram, for example, post pictures of themselves wearing cool sunglasses or lipstick or hats, which I feel is not technically a selfie because the point of a pure selfie is "HERE'S MY FACE" and not "here's a cool hat/lipstick shade/pair of sunglasses"
So let me get this straight...I am in the wrong and crying out for help if I'm not using my face as a prop to show you an inanimate object like a hat, sunglasses or lipstick? But I am having a great day and want to show it to the world in a selfie, I'm in need of an intervention? OOOOKAAAAAY. Got it.

Selfie of myself after delivering a kick-ass speech = NO
Selfie of myself to show you how I just participated in consumerism = YES

Got it? Cool.

Now to take yet another selfie of my patented eye roll.


Noemi said…
what about selfies that offer non-conforming ideas about beauty standards? What about selfies that break down stereotypes of what it is to be beautiful or hell, not even beautiful but embrace the nonskinny, facial hair and imperfections that are not the norm?

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