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13 January 2014

#365FeminsitSelfie update!

Good gawd, I hope this blog doesn't turn into nothing but this challenge, but given my hectic schedule which leads to few updates here, it very well could! Anywho...

1) For the next month, Bitch Magazine is going to award one #365FeministSelfie Instagram participant a week a 1-year subscription. So make sure to not only use the #365FeministSelfie hashtag, but tag @BitchMedia.

2) I had two interviews about the challenge last week. The first piece is live at allParenting and I think it completely captured the spirit of the challenge.

3) I was asked to write up a "What I learned" post for Blogher.

EDITED TO ADD 4) A moving piece on selfies themselves and the #365FeministSelfie challenge. 

It has truly been a whirlwind 13 days and I know you will get tired of me saying this, but thank you for participating.


Marisa said...

Just want to say thanks again for creating this beautiful project. Some things come up just when you need them...
Gratitude and blessings,


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