#365FeministSelfie is 40 days old! Plus a mini-challenge...

We made it!

The past 40 days have just been amazing. I have had a few interviews about the project, talked about it so often that I feel like I am boring all of you, but then I remember that there is just so much to talk about here. 

I often stop myself from truly talking honestly about what I have been a witness to the past 40 days. While I have not been able to see every photo and read every caption, I have read a lot. And the honesty in them is overwhelming. See, when I am interviewed about this challenge, people ask what I am seeing, but to give specific examples. Frankly, the honesty I am seeing on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, etc is just too honest for me to be the reporter. Yes, most photos are public and anyone can see them. But the stories attached are too personal for me to share. Participating in this wacky idea of mine does not mean I own your photo and certainly not your stories.

What I can say about what I am seeing is reminiscent of the early days of blogging, especially mom blogging. Honest talk about not living up to what we expect from ourselves and our mothering, evolving relationships with our partners, and a constant examination of society's beauty standards. Some of us are celebrating happy moments, some of us sharing a tough moment.

I know I am getting a bit bored with looking at myself and finding a new way to take a photo, but it's not a challenge if were always fun & games, right? haha...Seriously, this is why I want to celebrate some of these markers. 40 days is just over 10% of the way through the year.

Considering that those of us who have taken all 40 days of photos have now gone past that marker for establishing a routine, what other routines should we work on together? Should we try to do some healthy living #365FeministSelfies? Declutter #365FeministSelfie? Cause we can't plan the revolution if we're sick & can't find our poster making supplies. Leave ideas in the comments.

As always, thanks for participating. And huge thanks for encouraging fellow participants. Oh, yes, I see you commenting on each others photos, trying to support each other through tough days and sharing in joy of happy ones.

Mini-Challenge: Over the next ten days, take at least one photo of what feminism means to you. Are you a clinic escort? Mentoring a young woman? Baking with your son? Building that IKEA item with your daughter? Bringing home the bacon & frying it too? It's up to you.