Review: Kinmont Restaurant

If you are looking for some great seafood and a delish drink, look no further than Kinmont in River North. I attended their opening in late January, Kinmont opened to the public on February 1st, and enjoyed the atmosphere and tastings.

First, the restaurant is beautiful. It has the look of a lodge, but with a modern feel. Dark wood, stone and large mirrors. 

In the bar area I found servers with trays of different drinks and I chose the Bridgetown Milano. Over the past few years I have discovered that I am allergic to wine, yes even whites, so I have been trying my hand at bourbon drinks. The Bridgetown Milano is made with Woodford Reserve bourbon, cinzano sweet vermouth, falernum and fernet branca. Strong and delish. 

As for food samplings, servers walked around with a lot of different options. There was also a buffet of shrimp, oysters, and lobster (just like on their reservations page!). I tasted a good number of things, but the one thing that made me really think, "I have to come back for this!" was the salmon tartare . 
Those who know me may find that funny, as I rarely even want to try anything close to a tartare. But it was soooo good! All I knew when I took the taste was that it was salmon with something on a chip (see photo at left).

And yes, eating salmon has been quite a quandary for me considering the state of our world ocean and the animals that live in it. I no longer buy salmon to eat at home and rarely order it when out. Kinmont claims to be the first entirely sustainable fish & seafood restaurant in Chicago, so that takes a smidgen of the guilt out of enjoying one of my favorite fishes.

So if you are looking for a new place to grab dinner & drinks, consider Kinmont. I need to head back to try their chicken and fish & chips.

Kinmont is located at 419 West Superior Street in Chicago.