Drums please! Summer, Summer, Summertime!

My semester is over and it was around 80 degrees today, so it's time to pull out the Fresh Prince.

I won't lie to y'all, 2014 is not going that great. But on the other hand, it's going pretty good. I guess that's how life is sometimes. Cue the "Facts of Life" theme song! As Joey would say, "How you doin'?"

I have a lot of stuff to deal with in terms of #PhDLife. More soon, I hope on this. I also have a growing pile of books to read for review on my dining room table. I'm sure Tony wishes my pile of books would move somewhere else, but that is certainly a goal for this summer - to get my mess of a home office in usable form.

I also have a backlog of reviews to write from places I've been, some products I've used and books I've read. Yes, I'm still working on my "Lean In" review. Hey, people are still asking for it.

And yes, my loyal readers, "Summer of Feminista" will be returning. The call for participants will be coming soon.

Until then, grab a drink and enjoy...

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