#OneConversation - Why Latinos Need to Talk about HIV/AIDS

Not talking about HIV or AIDS is our first instinct.  Everyone's first instinct. It is a scary topic, even with all the progress the medical community has made to turn a once certain death sentence into a chronic disease.

studies show that talking about HIV/AIDS helps people to know what to do to prevent and treat HIV. This saves lives and protects health. The things to talk about are HIV prevention, HIV testing, and condom use, all of which lower new HIV infections.

For many in our community, family is our primary social unit and source of support. Our family also is the first line in preventing HIV infections. Parents talking with their children are very important. Young Hispanic/Latinos, ages 13-24, made up 20% of all new HIV infections among youth in 2010. This is not acceptable.

Disclaimer: I am being compensated for participating in this campaign. This is a sponsored post.