#365FeministSelfie Midwest Retreat Day One

Ya thought it started yesterday right? Well, kinda. But today is when we actually started the actual program.
We started the day off by making ourselves "I am awesome" bulletin boards. We each got a cork page (a very thin cork board) and walked around writing why we think the others are awesome on sticky notes. There was some crying.

Next up Rae Reed visited to remind us why daily writing is important for self-care. This daily blogging journey needed that reminder! We talked through writing prompts and a few of my favorites include:
  • Accomplishment lists: Some of us are good at to-so lists and focus too much on what we did not get done. Focus on what you rocked at! 
  • "If I could do a moment over from today, it would be..."
  • Close your eyes, put pen to paper and just write. 
Lunch was a blast. Some of us remarked how wonderful it was to be able to eat, chat with each other AND be on the phone without feeling like we were offending someone. haha!! Cause of course we were also taking selfies, checking on others' selfies and other things on our "selfie devices."

Post lunch was an hour of self-care which meant we sat around and colored, knitted and did other fun things while getting to know each other better in person. Thanks to Ulysses Press for the coloring pages!

Then Pauline Campos read from Baby Fat and discussed her journey towards loving herself and her body. One key theme that came up was the idea that even if our moms did not say bad things about our bodies in front of us, if she was only happy when dieting or "thin" that still sent signals to us that fat was bad or that you could never be happy while fat.

I spoke about how I see feminist theory connect to the #365FeministSelfie project and how different strains of feminism feel about the project.

We ended the conference portion of the day with "Dance Dance Party Party!"

then headed out to dinner.

And now I'm beat. Day two tomorrow. Night. 

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