Happy Pub Day, Love Her Love Her Not!

It is finally real. The anthology, Love Her, Love Her Not: The Hillary Paradox, is officially published!

When Joanne Bamberger invited me to submit an essay to the anthology I was still smarting from leaving a doctoral program. But I dove in and edited an essay that I had written for The Broad Side. While I resemble many other writers in dreading the revision process, it was quite healing to have something to focus my brain on. And the theme of the anthology certainly summarizes my feelings about Hillary. She is complicated and tests my progressive feminist ethics. But I know there won't ever be a perfect candidate. I try to weight her flaws with her strengths.

I hope that you will pick up this anthology and read all of our hemming and hawing over Hillary. I am proud to share space with these fabulous thinkers:

KJ Dell'Antonia, The New York Times
Amy Ferris, Marrying George Clooney
Nancy Giles, CBS Sunday Morning
Froma Harrop, Creators Syndicate
Sally Kohn, CNN
Katherine Reynolds Lewis, Fortune
Mary C. Curtis, The Washington Post & The Root
Lisa M. Maatz, American Association of University Women
Suzi Parker, The Daily Beast & The Economist
Deb Rox, BlogHer.com
Emily Zanotti, The American Spectator
Lezlie Bishop, Author, Talking to the Wall
Anne Born, Author, A Marshmallow on the Bus
Kim Cottrell, Author, A Healthy Stepmother blog
Patricia DeGennaro, Senior Fellow, World Policy Institute
Estelle Erasmus, Redbook & Marie Claire
Jaime Franchi, Morey Publishing
Jolie Hunsinger, Veterinarian
Helen Jonsen, Forbes Media & Working Mother Media
Faiqa Khan, Hey, That's My Hummus! podcast
Rebekah Kuschmider, Author, Stay at Home Pundit blog
Jennifer Hall Lee, Filmmaker, "Feminist: Stories from Women's Liberation"
Linda Lowen, Host of "Take Care" on WRVO Radio
Lisa Solod, Author, Desire: Women Write About Wanting
Lisen Stromberg, Author, Work Pause Thrive (forthcoming)
Aliza Worthington, Author, The Worthington Post blog

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Thanks Joanne!