I think I'm going digital

The past year has seen me purchase a lot of comic books featuring kick ass women. All Hail, Kamala! I love wandering into either the shop near my office or up the street from my favorite bookstore and seeing what is new. But now that I have a few must-reads on my list, I am thinking of going digital. While I don't think I could ever go digital for full-length books, but I have been reading Buffy digitally, currently on my phone, for almost the entire series. I really love how comics move on e-devices.

But when it comes to the pile of comics that I have at home, I think I need to go digital. At least for my Marvel titles. Maybe I can stick to the hard copies for the indie titles.

I'm a collector, so I hate the idea of having part of a collection in hand which is easy to share, while the other part digital.

I'm just being a total dork, right?

Well here goes nothing...

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