What's next for #365FeministSelfie

How do you go from being surrounded by people who love and respect you all weekend and return to work the next day? Well you get a migraine. Reentry is hard! Not to say that the students I get to work with don't respect me, but there was magic happening in Salon B of the Holiday Inn.

The idea to get together at two retreats was not my idea, one crackerjack member of this project, Cara, was truly the brains behind making Portland and Columbus happen. I think she willed these two gatherings together. Others did volunteer to make it happen and I pulled my weight too, but I really can't thank Cara enough for making it happen. As I told her in Portland, I didn't think it would happen. People would get busy, budgets would bust, etc, etc. But nope. We had 24 lovely women gather in a conference room and talked feminism all weekend. It could only had been better if we were all getting massages. At least we were coloring as you can see above!

If you are one of those people who don't like selfies, sorry, not sorry to report that we're selfieing our way into 2016! We also want to hold at least one retreat in 2016, so start saving the change you have in your pockets every day. More details as I figure them out!

Until then, I leave you with my latest at The Broad Side...a tiny listicle of the women of Prime Minister Trudeau's cabinet.