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Chicago Women Who Owned 2015

When I asked social media which Chicago women kicked ass in 2015, I got a list far too long to do justice. I also realized how many of my lady friends kick ass every day, but it's a constant kicking of the ass, not a lot of headline kicking. Ya know what I mean? So I tried to make this list a mix of Chicagoans who had some headline kicks and some who kick ass every day and deserve a shout out. Let's get started, shall we? Photos from social media or public domain pages Luvvie Ajayi Luvvie did my job and summed up her amazing year herself! I love it when women do that. Yes, let's take a moment to reflect on our accomplishments and dance at our own parties. Luvvie makes us laugh, even when we want to cry. She pushes us to be active, even down to our shoes. You'll never laugh so hard when learning so much than when you are in a meeting with her. From hanging with celebs to her epic travel schedule, Luvvie definitely owned 2015. Charlene Carruthers Carruther

GIVEAWAY: "Girl in a Band" by Kim Gordon

It's the giving season! And do I have a doozy for you, my dear readers. Kim Gordon's memoir came out earlier this year and as you can see from the photo became a NY Times bestseller. It is now out in paperback and I received a copy for review. I'm about half way through the book and I LOVE IT. Since I am only half way through, this is only a mini-review, but I wanted to get this giveaway out during the holiday season. Plus I know you have been busy giving to others, so why not win something for yourself? MINI REVIEW Gordon starts us off at Sonic Youth's last concert and the end of her marriage. To say she is hurt is an understatement. Given that I have not read other things she has written, her sarcastic and pointed writing appears to be influenced by this hurt and betrayal. Gordon's writing is delicious. She gives no fucks and states her opinion on things bluntly. There are a few people she keeps nameless to protect them, so maybe there are a few fucks le