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The Feminist Guide to the 2016 Printers Row LitFest

Feminists are everywhere at the 2016 Printers Row LitFest this weekend! Anne Elizabeth Moore in conversation with Andi Zeisler I've finished We Were Feminists Once and love it. A full review will be coming soon. Until then, attend this sure-to-be amazing conversation or join me in conversation with Andi on Thursday at Women and Children First !  Ana Castillo discusses her most recent memoir, “Black Dove” with Dahleen Glanton I also need to write up my review of this moving book. But hey, I blurbed it, so read my micro review on the back of the book !   "If I Can't Timejump, I Don't Want To Be in Your Revolution" : Charlie Jane Anders, Annalee Newitz, Dan Sinker and Kameron Hurley Welcome to the Neighborhood : Nestor Gomez, Ben Tanzer, Britt Julious, Clarence Browley and Zoe Zolbrod with emcees and co-curators Rachel Hyman and Paul Dailing Family Fun : Donna Bozzo and Emily Paster in conversation with Heidi Stevens Poetry Reading and Conversation