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Amaze-ing and Smart Sex Ed

One of the toughest stops along the parenting journey is talking about sex. A recent study found that teens really don't like it when school-based sex ed is taught by a teacher they will have in the future. They prefer for sex ed professionals to teach them then fade out of their lives. It seems fairly logical if you remember what it was like when you were 12 and your health teacher asked if you had any questions. The study notes that teens were disappointed in sex ed programs that only focused on heterosexual relationships and said that humor is something they wished was included. Again, you're a 14 learning about sex, a pretty awkward subject even for adults. A little laughter would go a long way at putting you at ease. who hear that sex is bad are less likely to plan for sex meaning that they won't use any protection against pregnancy and STIs. Now most parents I know are supportive of comprehensive sex ed in our children's schools, but we also kno

Parents Guide to the Presidential Debates

Civic-minded parents may be wondering how to handle this year's Presidential debates. In years past, I know I've had homework stop to make my daughter sit and watch debates. Even though she is far too young for voting, at 13 she will be living with the consequences of this election soon enough. But since this year's election includes a world-class liar, how we do handle this with our children? 1. Before the debate gets going , ask your child(ren) what issues they hope the candidates will talk or be asked about. What issues in the world are the ones they think are important? And don't let them off the hook if they say, "I dunno, I don't really follow the news." Ask them what in their lives is important and wish the next President would be thinking about. I find that one problem with people engaging in politics is that they really don't know where the hell Aleppo is or what to think about Israel and Palestine. In reality, most of our lives ar

Psst...anyone still there?

wow...Almost four months of not posting here. That may be a record, but I'm so busy that I don't have time to actually figure it out. So what's been up with this lack of writing? Well writing other places. First of all I've been writing over at Bitch Media, mostly, about the election.  As They Head to the Olympics, Women's Soccer is Fighting to Win Equal Pay   Who Are the Women Behind the Trump and Clinton Campaigns?   Don't Think the Supreme Court Matters? Think Again.   Donald Trump Supporters Are Nostalgic for a "Simpler Time"—That Never Existed   Trump’s Racism Could Backfire As He Inspires Latinas to Go Vote Against Him And as you can see, doing a lot of writing about Trump. Hopefully you are following me on Twitter or like this blog at Facebook because that is where I do promote my writing. I also wrote two pieces about Brock Turner at I also spent the summer wrapping up my last job working with women in STEM student