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01 May 2008

One less gig

Alert folks might have noticed that my email signature no longer lists Chicago Moms Blog as a place to read me. I've also removed them from my sidebar. I won't go into any of the reasons why I left except to say that I have a ton of projects on my plate and I need to start really organizing myself. I've never been one who was super organized. Stuff just got done.

As I told a dear friend, Brandon, a few weeks ago, this writing thing is way more time consuming than organizing feminists cause well, I have to do all the work. There's no delegation in writing!

But don't let my departure keep you from reading, because I'm still reading them.

I write this not to make a scene, but to keep a level of honesty with my readers.


Anonymous said...

I always enjoyed your CMB posts. . . .I'll continue to check in here, though!

Cindy Fey said...

Best of luck in all your other endeavors. I'll be reading you here too.


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