Weekend NCLM

Longtime readers know that this weekend I was scheduled to moderate a panel at the National Women's Studies Association conference. I ended up not attending so I could attend my daughter's last soccer game and awards ceremony. The result of my first real work vs home conflict? Slight regret, yet overwhelming joy. She scored her first goal AND the team won its only game of the season. My regret comes from having to let colleagues down.

I did get to 8 of my 10 comments that I needed to accomplish and here they are:
1) Carrie at Chicago Moms Blog talks about banning "The Giving Tree"
2) Mocha Momma schooled me on Primo water
3) M. LeBlanc at Bitch Ph.D. is now a neighbor
4) Surviving Single Motherhood is trying to quit smoking
5) Bee in the Bonnet is considering a commune
6) Maybe if You Just Relax has 'fun' with her insurance company
7) Creating Motherhood challenged me to Scatergories
8) Susan Wagner of The Working Closet at Work it, Mom! has found the (almost) perfect working mom bag. I say almost because like Susan, my new laptop will be about 14 inches. I also have no idea who actually puts them together and how they are treated. But gosh damn...someone tell my husband the next time it's present time!

I do owe two comment backs...but that'll have to wait.