Toy Review: Leapfrog TAG - revisited

No more than 2 weeks after I posted my semi-warm review of Leapfrog's TAG system that my daughter took to it. *shrug* I thought I had given her enough time to play with it and either like it or not. Guess that's what happens when you're five.

I still don't believe she's using it in the ideal way. She's letting the pen read to her, but since she really only has one book, she's hearing the same thing over and over. As we all know, repetition leads to learning, so let's cross our cyber-fingers. She still loves the games and the hidden sounds.

I am also keeping my eye out for those National Geographic cards. She's getting a set once I spot them!

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Kim Moldofsky said...

Okay, full disclosure here- I'm the one who helped connect you with LeapFrog to review the Tag and I'm a friend of yours- I appreciated your honest review, but I was surprised that wasn't more of a hit. I think the Tag is so cool!

I appreciate the update. And as far as correct use, I know my boys always thought it was a hoot to take quizzes on their old LeapPad Jr. and purposely answer the questions incorrectly in order to receive the lowest possible scores. They act like idiots to prove their brilliance? I don't get it.

Anyway, glad she's having fun with it. I'm sure the way she interacts with it will evolve.