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Dr. Feminista will have to wait

I earned my master's degree five years ago and ever since I've been trying to figure out if I should go back to get a PhD. For the past two years I've seriously debated what field and if I even need it. It's hard because I have a wide range of interests and I'm not devoted to one career track. I think that's evident by my blogging too, eh?

But a few weeks ago things really started to gel together and I thought I had it all figured it out.

Enter homework.

Not mine, but my daughter's homework.

Last week was rough. We normally don't get home until 6-6:30, have dinner, and then our family time is devoted to homework (math, reading, & phonics), shower, more reading, and then bedtime. Somehow we get all of this done by 9 pm each night. I know, I can't believe it either.

After she's in bed, I flip on the laptop and start my blogging, reading emails and whatnots. While it's rewarding, it's tiring. Can I handle adding a PhD program, even part-time, to this routine? I wouldn't even try...I'd pull back from some commitments, mostly my in person stuff. But I'm unsure if I can handle the mental strain of the work. There's a big difference between hoping y'all comment on my opinion and a graded paper.

I was thinking that I would start in the spring, but I think I need to hold off until at least fall.

Then again maybe I'm just using the kid to delay me actually getting down to business.
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Ajijaak said…
I think you could handle doing a Ph.D. You are like me in many ways because we have many interests. I have been looking at some Ph.D programs and will apply to some soon. I would love to be a professor and go more in depth in school. I love school and I miss it. I have only been out of school two years but I am incredibly bored and have done incredibly boring and mundane jobs since I have been out.

What kind of programs have you been looking into?
Veronica said…
Thanks...Public Administration. that's what my master's is in and it would be the quickest route, I think.
Ajijaak said…
Nice, I am trying to decide between Indigenous/Native American studies, Woman's Studies or Environmental Studies.
Veronica said…
The uni I work at should be starting a joint WS, Afr-Amer, and latino studies PhD in a few years. I'm working to figure out the schedule on it.
Ajijaak said…
Wow, thats awesome!

UC Santa Barbara just created a MA/PhD program in Feminist Studies...

I was thinking I might apply for this program.
Veronica said…
I KNOW!!!! But geographically tied to Chicago at the moment. but you should do it! For me at least. ;)
Ajijaak said…
It would be such an awesome program! I am free as a bird so I can roam where I may. ;)

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