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11 October 2008

Favorite SF novels for this election season...

Over at Feminist SF - the blog, there is a great conversation about which science fiction books one should be reading during this election season. Some of the suggestions include:

- Kindred, Octavia E. Butler (not so much for the depiction of racial politics in the past as of poverty in the present).

- Four Ways To Forgiveness, Ursula K. LeGuin (modern political fable about oppression and revolution)

- For an examination of political corruption and the dangers of power, Donaldson’s Gap series would be a good one.

- I’d love for politicians to read Sheri S. Tepper’s “The Fresco.” Simple yet interestingly played out story about how, when the aliens do arrive, they pick as their spokesperson a middle-aged mother with a deadbeat husband. Her personal priorities are well contrasted with the priorities of policy-makers and -breakers.

Head over to the post and read thru the comments to build your to-read list and then head on over to your local indie bookstore, used bookstore or library. And if you have your own suggestions, leave them...I'm seriously making a list.

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