Happy Samhain!

It's the new year for us tree-hugging goddess worshipers! So I wish you all a happy Samhain and a wicked Halloween.

But it also means that it is the end of the month and the last day for the DonorsChoose Bloggers Challenge.

While this blog did raise $165 (I'll donate over the weekend to bring us to a round $200...more if the hubby gets that job he interviewed for!) it was from two donors who are BFFs of mine. Thus this was a big FAIL. But don't think that this will be the last time I fundraise here readers! Oh, no...I already have one brewing for December. :D But if you want to leave me a small Samhain gift in the form of $5 for DonorsChoose, I still have thank you gifts available!

I'm attending the Chicago Foundation for Women's luncheon today, so hopefully I'll have some good stories to tell. I'm wishing you lots of your favorite candy today!