Work it, Mom! Monday & other updates

As I twittered early today, VLF is quickly becoming a home base for my other blogging efforts. No need to worry, VLF is here to stay! So what's up now, you ask? Plenty:
  • This week at Work it, Mom! I tackle the recent study that says sexist men make more money and argue that we shouldn't be worried about him as much as everyother thing in this world that is sexist.
  • Deborah Siegel's blog went group today and she asked me to join her team. I am now a girl with pen...and if you have ever seen my purse, you know I have many pens!
  • Last week's AWEARNESS blog posts included October is Adopt-a-Dog Month and Walking to Cure Diabetes.
  • I was also added to the Alltop sections for Top Feminism News and Top Chicano News! This Chicano thing always reminds me of being in grad school Feminist Theory and me saying, "I don't think I fit this Chicana feminism label," and a classmate saying, "There's room for you chica!" and then said something that was like "I'm knighting you a Chicana!"
  • In off-line news...the kid scored FOUR goals yesterday in soccer. We always get a kick out of the fact that after she kicks major butt like that someone asks, "Does she have an older brother? How long has she been playing?" And we get to reply, "No. Less than a year." To which they reply, "She's awesome!" "Yeah, we know. Thanks." What else can you say? Someone get me Michael Phelps' mom!
  • And lastly, don't forget that VLF is participating in the DonorsChoose Blogger Challenge. We already have one class funded, let's get that second one funded!