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19 November 2008

Apply for the 2009 Progressive Women's Voices program

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(There are new rules & an extended deadline)

There will be a second year of training progressive women to transform the media landscape!

The best part of this call? The entire three class schedule is out. So clear your calendars feministas and apply today! If I can get in, you can get in...so get to it...And good luck. I personally encourage Midwesterners to apply. We need more of us represented. It's all paid for (except the drinking, unless a certain Rachel Maddow-loving staffer brings wine to dinner), so don't complain you're too poor. Of course, child care will be an issue...Alas, I have no easy answer to that one.

I never did write up my last thoughts on the training. I don't want to do that now. It wasn't a perfect training, but I hope that some of the pains of being the first year will mean the second year participants will go smoother. It really has come in handy lately.

Selection Criteria:
Progressive Women’s Voices seeks self-motivated women who are committed to serving as strong progressive voices in the media. Criteria for selection to the program include:

  • Demonstrated background and expertise in a particular issue area that is covered in the media
  • Ability (with additional training and support) to articulate progressive messages in your issue area
  • Identification as a progressive feminist
  • Ability to inspire and motivate others through communications
  • Time and ability to commit to a rigorous training program and ongoing media visibility
  • Commitment to participating in program for a year and to pitching and supporting your own media presence with our help and resources
  • Evidence of interest in the media and willingness to engage in new media experiences

Our application process is designed to be transparent and rigorous. We are seeking participants who represent diverse backgrounds, areas of expertise, and levels of experience.

2009 PWV Class 1 Schedule:
Dec 15: Application Deadline
February 6-7: First Training in NYC
March 6-7: Second Training in NYC
April 3-4: Third Training in NYC

2009 PWV Class 2 Schedule:
March 10: Application Deadline
April 24-25: First Training in NYC
May 29-30: Second Training in NYC
June 26-27: Third Training in NYC

2009 PWV Class 3 Schedule:
June 1: Application Deadline
July 24-25: First Training in NYC (Blogher weekend!)
August 28-29: Second Training in NYC
September 25-26: Third Training in NYC


Tracey said...

I am totally interested in this, even though I am a little nervous that I may not have enough media experience for it. I was really wowed by the list of women who participated in the first group, and I'm just a little blog-author from Ohio.

I know it says they are looking for a range of experience and backgrounds, but is there anything I can do to try to get to the point where they might consider me?

Veronica said...

I'm not exactly sure what they are looking for, but I can speak to my own experience.

When I applied the first time I know my application was not as strong as my second...and I mean that in respect to my vocabulary. Take a stand. Toot your horn. Talk about the things you have done. If you can pigeon-hole yourself. I tried to be a generalist, but for my second app, I was an education equity expert. I also had added my gig over at Work it, Mom! between my 1st and 2nd application.

In the end, I feel like my 2nd app stood taller than my 1st in many ways, but mostly in how I presented myself.

Good luck!!

Tracey said...

Thanks for the advice, and for letting us know about this opportunity!


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